E.S.P.A.C.E.'s video presentation

E.S.P.A.C.E.'s video presentation

« Lean Manufacturing operations integrated to daily work"

This service commonly operates on our 2 plants.
Our team specially insists on getting cash flow on short term view and improving our profitability on a longer term view.

"When Environmental issues fit with indutrial development"

This department’ aim is to cut down and control the industrial risks and it has in charge to guaranty an healthy environment to our co-workers.

With our establisments

Our 2 plants function with commun means of communication and IT.
ERP Hélios 2, Action Tracker, visio conference system..

With our product lines

In order to match with your requirement, we put in place a global system of organization.  Our production is based on product lines with associated actions plans.
Furthermore, as we want everybody to take part in our project, some « visual management « campaign are posted all around our workshops so that everyone can keep informed

ESPACE - Etudes Services Prestations Aéronautiques en Contrôle et Equipement - SAINT-NAZAIRE - TOULOUSE

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